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Why Karting Is The Best Kid's Day Out In Lanzarote

We love having kids driving on the track, and children always have the most fantastic time when they come to visit us, often asking their parents to bring them back again before the end of their holiday!

For youngsters who haven't driven before, our track marshals know exactly how to make sure they have a good time and remain safe. Our junior karts are designed for children of between 1.2 and 1.6 metres in height, roughly 6 to 12 years old. They have adjustable seats and pedals. Once they're comfortable, the race marshals will:

1/ Explain the controls to them carefully.

Lanzarote Classics Visit The Track!

Our two classic cars, Bess the Rolls Royce, and Marilyn the Cortina were pressed into service to join all the other classics on the island for a run for Fiesta San Ginés.

But while they were out John persuaded all the other owners to come and visit the track on their way down to Arrecife, so everyone there was treated to the spectacle of some of Lanzarote's best classic cars, touring the track and then parking on the grid so that everyone could have a close look.

Here's some video we shot:

Little Monaco Go Kart Race

There's a go kart race that takes place every year in France, called "Le Petit Monaco or "Little Monaco." The karts race on a facsimile of the famous Monaco Grand Prix circuit, complete with water where the real circuit features the marina, and even with it's own version of the Monaco tunnel.

It certainly makes for some spectacular racing!

Here's a video of the 2010 race - the commentary is in French, so turn the sound down unless you parlez Francais!