News & Events

Triangular Football Tournament In Puerto Del Carmen

We have sponsored a football tournament next weekend in Puerto del Carmen. It's a triangular tournament between the Valley Knights, visiting from the UK, and local teams Puerto del Carmen, and Inter Playa Honda.

The matches take place at the football stadium in Puerto del Carmen (Campo de futbol) on Saturday 23rd May at 1800, 1900 and 2000.

If you get a chance, get down and watch it! If it stays this hot, will the British team struggle with two matches in two hours?

St Patrick's Day 2015

We'll be supporting the St Paddy's Day parade in Puerto del Carmen on Tuesday 17th March.

The parade starts at 6pm from the area by the tourist information centre & Centro Atlantico on the Avenida de Las Playas. We've ordered our green team t-shirts especially for the occasion, why not come down and join us, the more the merrier.

The parade will go along The Strip, up to the Biosfera and then down into the harbour, where there's live music and entertainment from 12:00 - 21:00.

The craic will be mighty, see you there.

Easter in Lanzarote

Easter is just around the corner and we know many of you will be coming to Lanzarote to enjoy a break in the sunshine. The good news is that the weather is amazing at the moment - we have wall to wall blue skies and it's hitting 25 degrees during the day. That means sticky tyres and fast lap times!

The public holidays here are a little different to some countries. We have the Thursday and the Friday off for Easter, not the Friday and Monday, so remember that if you're planning to go shopping!

We Made A Movie!

Settle down for a long story......

Our John spotted a competition that Land Rover were running some time ago in conjunction with Virgin Galactic. The competition was to produce a very short movie to promote Land Rover and to "Make every day an adventure." First prize was a trip into space and John promised he'd propose to Irene in space if they won! He enrolled mates Julie and Mike from Lanzarote Information to come on the space trip and to help with planning the movie, which was based on a great idea he'd already come up with.



Quite out of the blue on Christmas Day when all the staff from the track were ready to tuck into their xmas dinner. John got down onto one knee and asked partner Irene to marry him! As you can see from the picture, which isn't very good quality, as no one was expecting it, least of all Irene. One of the staff just grabbed the nearest camera, aimed, and hoped for the best. Still here´s the proof that John popped the question, Irene thought about it for a nano-second, accepted, and it looks like the wedding will be around June 2016 (too much going on this year!).