Fun Facts About Karting

Here are some things you may not have known about karting and go karts:

  • Karting is the most popular motorsport in the world
  • Michael Schumacher, the most successful racing driver of all time, once said “I learned everything I know about racing from my karting days.”
  • Ayrton Senna described it as “The purest form of motorsport”
  • Karts do not have suspension and their back axles are fixed with no differential
  • Most karts have rear wheel brakes only, which is why spins are so common!
  • The first kart was built by Art Ingels in 1956 and was made from scrap parts with a two stroke engine
  • Both Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton started races karts at age 8
  • Because they have no differential karts are designed so that the inside rear wheel lifts off the road when cornering

And finally, a secret tip for anyone coming to visit our track:

The secret to speed in a kart is not how fast you enter a corner. It’s how fast you exit the corner!

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