Formula One Stars Who Started in Karting

It’s no secret that most Formula One drivers started their career in karts – it’s the perfect breeding ground for future world champions, and amongst the current crop Lewis Hamilton, Sebastien Vettel, Fernando Alonso and Mark Webber all started their careers in them.

Perhaps the two most famous drivers of all time – Michael Schumacher and Ayrton Senna was also kart drivers, and Senna still loved visiting kart tracks to race all comers right up until his death in 1994.

There are three key reasons Kart racing has given us so many world champions over the years:

Race Craft
Racing karts, particularly ones which all have the same power, teaches fabulous race craft skills. Without DRS or KERS, you have to really focus to achieve an overtake in a kart race, watching the driver in front, learning where they might be losing time, and timing your run past them perfectly.

Car Control
Karts are fantastic for teaching you the sweet spot where you’re taking corners as fast as you can, but without too much sliding, which scrubs speed off dramatically. Our hilly circuit is brilliant at helping drivers learn this skill – get it wrong and 3 karts will zip past you up a hill. Get it right and you’ll leave them in your wake!

Racing Lines
The secret of a fast lap is to get the lines around corners exactly right – it means you can brake later, carry more speed into the corner and get on the power again earlier at the exit. It’s all about apexes and straightening the curves out as much as possible. Once again, our circuit, with its complex series of hairpin bends rewards getting it right!

Are you a future formula 1 driver? Or perhaps you think you’ve got what it takes to string together a series of perfect laps around our circuit?

Either way, come on over to the circuit – we promise you you’ll have a fabulous time here!
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